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"Time is precious, thus, love can't conquer all because it is LIMITED. "



(Hope you'll enjoy reading. )

I wrote this last November 28, 2007. It's a common love story. God Bless

Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.

  by MsGaara37


Long lasting friendship, Maria and Joseph had since they met in their high school years. Currently, they were in fourth year and were trying to gain better scores to achieve success ang to graduate. More than that, on every activity their school had, they were always on the same group.


"So, what should be out topic for the debate?", that was Joseph.


He was always asking Maria for her ideas. He respected those. At last, they arrived for a topic which was about " A girl and a boy relationship".


"I like this one!", Maria wrote this on the paper.

"Should we let our hearts rule over our minds?" her idea had gone this way.


" Well, it's much better. Good idea, huh?!"


Sometimes, they were together during lunch ti,e because the two of them brought their own lunch in school. (Food for lunch). And take note, they shared their foods to each other.


They were also very open to one another. They sometimes shared their feelings: ANGER, HAPPINESS, PROBLEMS and also "crushes". They had a motto, " Real friendship does not freeze in winter". But one of them broke the treat secretly, and it was Joseph. Now, he always felt shy to comfort Maria. But Maria didn't notice it. For her, he's still Joseph, same as usual.


Valentines Day came


"Okay now class, I wanted you to write a letter and share your feelings towards your classmates or to your special someone.", that was Ms. Lopez, their teacher.


The point of giving and receiving of letters came. Maria got the most number so with Joseph. She laughed at him gleefully. He just smiled at her. He, then read one of his letters and it went like this:


My Dearest Joseph,

I really appreciated your efforts for me. Our motto, of course, I'll never forget it. I want you to remember this. "Time is gold and precious, thus, love can't conquer all because it has limitations.

I Love You Bro! :)

Love lots, 



Joseph was really confused of why did Maria wrote that kind of passage.


"Huh! Brother! Yeah lady, I can always be your brother."


He hated the letter's last sentence. He hated to be Maria's bestfriend/so-called-brother. he wanted them to become more than that. He wanted to experience with her the most hilarious thing that they will have. But maybe, it was too late. Graduation was fast approaching. Everybody's now busy. He saw Maria very busy, too. Then suddenly, Maria called him.

"Joseph, can you hold this folder for me?"

"Coming..." and so he went so fast.


Graduation Day


The last day for the batch 2007-2008 went close. Maria was their Salutatorian and Joseph was also an awardee with the Best Player of the year, They, together with their batchmates, embraced each other. Before Joseph went home, he gave a letter to Maria. To his surprise, she also gave him a letter and said, "tomorrow I'm going to U.S. Mom wanted me to take my college studies there."

"We'll see each other, willn't we?", said Joseph.

There were no last thoughts and they all went straight home. On Maria's side, she had shed tears when Joseph walked away.

"Don't you cry dear! You will really see him again" her mother said.

"But mom, I know I can't win the operation!"

"You can! If you love him, then do it for him."

Maria was not really going to study abroad. Her mother wanted her to go to the hospital to have her heart transplantation. She had a weak heart and that's why she hated to have some intense feelings.


She was so sad having her weak heart. As the plane went straight to US, she vowed words inside:

"If I'm going to succeed this operation, and have a new heart inside me, then I'll better to let my body die and treasure the good things we had, the chance that God had given me to love you and the causes of being happpy. What's the use of being new if I'm not going to feel again the longings of love and care from you? I'd rather die than to make you cry and suffer."


Two weeks after the graduation, Joseph read her letter. He felt angry but that made him miss her even more.


Ever-dearest Joseph,

If only you know, How I feel for you! I'm just trying to be deaf and blind of all the things you had done and said. The care, love and brotherhood, from being so protective but yet, I haven't concluded that it's now the start of your new feelings for me. I Love You, too! But maybe it's now too late. I know i"m going to die.I'm not really going to America to study, but my mother wanted me to have a heart transplantation. I'm so sorry if I lied at you! I know you'll understand,

I Love You Joseph, very deep in my heart..

I do really love you but...Goodbye.

Always loving you till death, 



When he had read this, his heart sank, filled with disappointment and anger for himself. He almost jumped out at the window, wanted to do something, but his cellphone rang. As he answered it, he recognized that, it was Maria's mother, and she then told him that her daughter was already dead and left these words for him. "I know that I can't be there always for you but I'm always trying to make you happy. I Love you, Joseph!"

He cried and shouted so loud, with great regret!


by MsGaara37


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